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Just when you're looking to print an important document you discover your printer has no ink? It irritates you to no end. How many times have we seen this? To make matters worse, a high-quality inkjet cartridge at most times ends up costing more than the printer. Guess what? Carrot Ink offers high-quality inkjet cartridges at an affordable price. And that's not all. If you could use a Carrot Ink coupon, your savings could multiply! Apart from their own cartridges, Carrot Ink offers printing ink products of other reputed companies at lower prices.

Our Carrot Ink coupons page is an all-in-one place for locating the latest discount offers from this merchandiser. In a very attractive deal, prospective customers can get no less than 15% off and enjoy free shipping as well for select destinations on orders worth $30 or more. To attract more customers, Carrot Ink has also thrown in product specials. One can also get 10% off on certain products. That's not all. You can also take advantage of their promo codes as well, which further bring down the prices of products. In addition, Carrot Ink offers discount coupon codes for top-notch brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and more.

It was in the year 1998 that a couple, John and Amy Howard, founded Carrot Ink. They were terribly frustrated by the fact that a top-notch inkjet cartridge on numerous occasions proved to be as expensive or in few cases more expensive than a printer. In reality, they had reached the end of their tether by paying an amount that would take to perhaps manufacture a printer. They put before themselves a challenge to see if they could manufacture and sell better inkjet cartridges at an affordable price. It was their ambition to offer an excellent product with it costing an arm and a leg.

It goes without saying that Carrot Ink goes the distance when it comes to providing top-quality products for their customers. One can see inkjet cartridges that have been remanufactured and are compatible. Every Carrot Ink product sold is manufactured under strict ISO 9001/2000 regulations. In the United States, Carrot Ink uses American-made products whenever possible.

They have not just earned themselves a fantastic reputation in the U.S, but made a breakthrough as well. In fact, if you are ordering a Carrot Ink product from outside the U.S., you need not worry about shipping costs, rather rest easy. Carrot Ink provides free shipping – which is one of the reasons why it's been such a huge success. Also, by chance if the wrong product has been delivered to you, do not worry as Carrot Ink will bear the shipping cost. So, here, we have not one but numerous reasons to use a Carrot Ink coupon.

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