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Computers are omnipresent now, so are printer ink cartridges. Choosing a printer ink cartridge with so many around is far from easy, but 101inks.com makes it easy for you as they are one of the best in the business. Finding out there's no printing ink at inopportune moments can cause a lot of irritation. Also, printer ink cartridges can be seriously expensive. Some of them cost as much as a printer. That sure is unfair, but 101.Ink are not. Not only are they one of the best going around but they draw customers because of the stupendous discounts they offer.

Now easily grab 101Inks.com discounts with 101Inks coupons available at DealsPricer. According to statistics shared by 101Inks.com, families who have bought inkjets from them save as much as $700 a year. The amount that standard medium-sized businesses save is a gargantuan $2200 every year when they buy ink cartridges from 101Inks.com. With 101Inks coupons at hand, the savings are going to be even more lucrative. The discounts do not end there. Customers can buy ink cartridges for as low as $5.99. A sale offering a price reduction of 15% also entices customers. Throw in the free shipping for products costing $65 or more and you have yourself a terrific deal. A full 1 year warranty makes the deal sound even better.

101inks has been around for more than a decade. It was in the year 2000 101inks.com a set of twins founded the company. Their mission was to provide people with premium cartridges at a price that ensured the customer would not have to lose sleep over. In their opinion, selling top rate products at a discounted price without making compromises was their aim. Seeing to it that the customer has saved a huge amount of money so that they would not have to compromise on something important like their child's college fund or maybe even not miss out on that much-needed vacation is of paramount importance for them.

A plethora of major brands are associated with this Burbank-based firm. A relief for customers would be that major brands do not mean high prices. For example if you are keen on trying out a Hewlett Packard product but are thrown off by their prices try going for 101Inks.com. Not only will the HP goods at the 101Ink.com store be cheap but they will be out of the top drawer. Another company whose ink cartridges people regularly use are Canon. Let's say you have bought a new computer and spent a lot. Choosing a Canon ink cartridge means more spending, so you are thwarted. 101Ink steps in and allows you to buy a cartridge with every tool you can think of. It goes without saying the much-vaunted Canon ink cartridge was sold to you at a very low price. According to 101Ink customers who have bought Canon products from their store save no less than 500$ a year. Some other brands 101Ink has tie ups with are Samsung, Dell and Epson.

So the next time you need an ink cartridge buy one with a 101Inks.com coupon.

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The official site of 101 Inks is https://www.101inks.com/.

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